Tony Kushner’s epic ANGELS IN AMERICA Part One: Millennium Approaches will be presented by Wilma Theater from May 23 to July 1, 2012.


Aubrey Deeker is Prior

Luigi Sottile as Joe Pitt

and Benjamin Pelteson as Louis

To buy tickets: http://ticketing.theatrealliance.org/tickets/calendar2.aspx?org=wt


  1. Before I do a quick review, a caveat: unfortunately the only show I could get tickets for was Friday night and the show closes on Sunday. However, Part Two debuts in September so I wanted to give you some advice in advance: if you are in the Philly area, go see Part Two. If it is anything like Part One, it will be absolutely amazing. This production ranks as one of the best shows I have ever seen and can definitely keep pace with any NY show. The cast was amazingly talented and performed the hell out of the play. The 3 hour+ run time just flew by and I became completely immersed in the play, so much that when Prior dropped trou, instead of admiring his body I gasped at the amount of lesions he had developed as his disease progressed (I know it was makeup but it was still unsettling). That being said, Aubrey Deeker has a gorgeous, fit body with a well hung member and intact pubes. He was the only cast member to get nude in Part One. Even if no one gets nude in Part Two, I don’t care – I still can’t wait to see it.

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