Jack Moore and Tyler Etheridge

I wasn’t expecting anything when I went to see Del Shores’ SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES. I was surprised that even with a very familiar topic of being gay in the Bible belt, and even with stereotyped characters, over-all, it was a touching evening.  Although, the script could benefit from some tweakings.    The time of the play was 2000 to present but one of the characters mentioned St. Elmo’s Fire as the movie he masturbated on, which is the 80’s, does not make any sense.  The two characters in the bar Peanut and Odette are both funny and amusing but I question the need for these characters because they haven’t advanced the plot at all.  The standout in the cast is Jack Phillips Moore who played TJ, the guy who tried to denied his homosexuality.  His acting chops is more powerful than the other three main characters.

Both Moore and Tyler Etheridge have two nude scenes on the audience right.  I think you can see more if you sit on that side.  I got to see Moore’s smooth ass, and low hanging balls, as well as his cut cock.  He is a grower I believe.  Etheridge, unfortunately was blocked by Moore when he showed full frontal.. I only got to see his hairy chest, hairy ass and balls.

It was not a perfect play but I enjoyed it a bit.  Although this play can be improved much more…..

It is playing until the 27th of this month


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