From the press release:

The world premiere of Alena Smith’s The Bad Guys begins performances May 22 at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre on the Upper West Side. The play, part of the Second Stage Theatre Uptown Series, will officially open on June 4. The Bad Guys will feature Michael Braun (War Horse), Roe Hartrampf (Unnatural Acts), James McMenamin (Suicide, Incorporated), Tobias Segal (The Miracle Worker) and Raviv Ullman (Russian Transport).

Five childhood buddies reunite on a late summer afternoon for some beer, grilling and weed, but deep within their friendship lurk ghosts that rock the patio beneath them. This is the story of a generation at war with itself over what it means to “man up.”

Here’s my take on this: You put 5 men in one place, at least one of them will disrobe.  Will it be Roe Hartrampf who already showed his delectable goods in “Unnatural Acts”? Or will it be the other actors’ turn to show it off?

Michael Braun
James Mcmenamin by Walter Mcbride
Tobias Segal by Walter Mcbride
Raviv Ullman by Walter McBride
Roe Hartrampf

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no nudity in this play. Raviv is so cute and so is Roe who bared it all in Unnatural Acts.

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