This is another play of Duncan Pflaster, playwright of TAINT OF EQUALITY , also part of  Planet Coonections 2012 Festivity

From the press release:

In Ancient Greece, a woman spurned in love finds a deserted island and sets herself up as the Empress Salacia, decreeing that there shall be no love allowed in her domain, only sex. She gathers some sybaritic acolytes and all is frolicsome mindless fun until Salacia’s ex-lover Agis comes to the island in disguise, to attempt to win her back.

Venue: The Theatres at 45 Bleecker, 45 Bleecker Street
Prices: $18.00
Performance Dates: Monday 6/4/12 – 7:30pm = Performance #1
Wednesday 6/6/12 – 9:30pm = Performance #2
Saturday 6/9/12 – 5:30pm = Performance #3
Tuesday 6/12/12 – 4:00pm = Performance #4
Wednesday 6/13/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #5
Sunday 6/17/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #6
Monday 6/18/12 – 4:30pm = Performance #7
Friday 6/22/12 – 9:30pm = Performance #8

Cast: Walter Brandes, Catherine LeFrere, Antonio Minino, Eric Percival, Katie Braden, Vincent Cooper, Lily Drexler, London Griffith, Brendon Katon-Donegal, Matthew Menendez, Natalie Neckyfarow, Paul Notice, Glenn Quentin, Erin Solér, Robert Shryock, Jimmy Joe McGurl, Imran Sheikh, Mary Sheridan, Kelly Zekas

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