This blog is NOW PRIVATE

Our likings in male nudity on stage can somewhat make other producers uncomfortable. And with the Internet linking everyone from all corners of the word, some producers will write and send hate emails to me.

Too bad because I think we help their shows have a better box office receipt.

I think I can express myself more clearly if this blog is read only by people who appreciate the information we share.

And it will also help this blog be more lively if everyone I have invited contribute from time to time.

It will be much appreciated.

Here’s to more nudity news in New York Stage!


  1. I agree! It will allow us to choose our words more colorfully and we won’t be intimidated to talk about actors in all their glory.

  2. I can’t imagine why producers would send hate mail. It seems so counterproductive – and I’d have to ask why they’re visiting this blog to begin with (?)…

    1. They said that my blog is perverted and takes away the artistic value of their creativity by focusing on nudity….

      1. Honestly, if they don’t want us focusing on the nudity, maybe they shouldn’t include it in the first place. Most of the nudity I have seen on stage was not important to the plot – just seemed like a nice little extra for the audience.

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