Not even the charm of Joe Curnutte can save UNPLUGGED IN a play by Brian Pracht.  The playwright wants to take us in an unbelievable ride, and it’s fine, but what was lacking was the commitment from the script and the director.  For me to believe that the Day of Enlightenment is coming there, the play should really go over the top which it didn’t.

There is something missing from the character of Zero. I didn’t see what the other two characters find in him. — Devin Norik’s performance as Zero is weak as well. Not even once did I believe his character let alone think he is really in love with his ex girlfriend. Athena Masci as Joe Curnutte’s gf  just seems lost in the play.  It sounded like she doesn’t believe her dialogues. But I guess the director is at fault. She should have pushed this characters to be over the top since the plot is ridiculous anyways.

Joe Curnutte from his Facebook page

As usual Curnutte is good although he can only go so far that the script allows him too. For feet lovers Joe’s feet is on display more than half of the play. His sexy legs are on display too as he is only wearing shorts most of the time. There was a very short scene towards the end where he was in a tighty Batman undies. His ass is amazing! What a bubble butt!  Wish I can pinch that ass! And if you sit closer to the stage the very top of his upper leg close to the inguinal area is hairy. Maybe he really has bushy pubes. 🙂 Curnutte is much better than the play unfortunately.  He deserves a far richer material. His comedic talent can shine better.


This play runs until June 9.

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  1. And from the way he’s bulging out in those red shorts, it looks like he has a good-sized cock, too!

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