Here are excerpts—-

from nytheatre.com form a review by Claire Keichel:

The Empress of Sex is in many ways, Pflaster’s take on a Shakespearean comedy—Twelfth Night and As You Like It immediately come to mind. Pflaster expertly uses other Shakespearean conventions—a lost letter, a dumb show, and a bard—to great comedic effect.

Since it is billed as an “erotic” romantic comedy, be warned that there is a fair amount of nudity. Most everybody gets somewhat naked, and Izzy Field’s appropriately campy costumes make for easy access to both breasts and an impressive number of penises. The actors’ comfort in their bodies, however, allowed the audience to relax and laugh. It was refreshing to see so many un-self-conscious and committed performers in a strong ensemble piece.

From backstage.com by Clifford Lee Johnson III:

Take a dash of Greek mythology, mix in some Shakespearean plotting, add a couple of contemporary wisecracks, top it off with a raft of seminaked actors, and you have the recipe for “The Empress of Sex,” an amusing comedy currently on view in the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. But don’t let the overinflated language, stylized acting, and copious nudity fool you; playwright Duncan Pflaster has more in mind than mere silliness or titillation. Underneath the high jinks there is ample evidence of a canny dramatist intent on exploring the complex relationship between love and sex without sacrificing laughs or a genuinely touching payoff.”


Saturday 6/9/12 – 5:30pm = Performance #3
Tuesday 6/12/12 – 4:00pm = Performance #4
Wednesday 6/13/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #5
Sunday 6/17/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #6
Monday 6/18/12 – 4:30pm = Performance #7
Friday 6/22/12 – 9:30pm = Performance #8

You can also purchase the play at http://www.indietheaternow.com/Play/PlayDetail/471.

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