Thumbs up to Duncan Pflaster! I really had a great time watching THE EMPRESS OF SEX. He has captured the playfulness of Shakespeare combining the elements of  AS YOU LIKE IT and TWELFTH NIGHT. I’m impressed by how he captured the language and made me believe I was watching the kingdom of Empress Salacia (I love her name ! Very appropriate).  Kudos should be given to the director as well for capturing the atmosphere of the play very well. Given the large cast and a small stage, the director kept the play moving and it was never static.  The show is playful and light and there are lots of nudity both male and female but I never felt it was gratuitous at all.   The nudity is just the reality in this Pflaster play and I love it!

The cast is great. They were all committed to the play and it showed they were having fun in performing this play. The standout for me was Catherine LeFrere as Empress Salacia.  She really inhabited the character and was able to balance the toughness of Salacia and the vulnerability of Sabina.  And this while performing with her breasts out all throughout! Bravo!

There are 19 cast members and there is plenty for everyone. Be it muscular, a twink, or different ethnic backgrounds.

Here is the rundown:

Eric Percival

The handsome Eric Percival as Agis did a creditable job as the guy who broke Salacia’s heart.  His chest hair is so inviting, I just want to caress it.  And he has a very impressive circumcised cock and bushy pubes plus low hangers!  I was salivating as he disrobed towards the end of the play.  Can’t imagine how his cock will look like hard.  Yum! Check out his website http://www.ericpercival.com/

The muscular Jimmy Joe McGurl as Theodore has 2 extensive nude scenes.  He has a bubble butt, very nice pecs, and circumcised cock, with trimmed pubes and tight balls.

Jimmy Joe McGurl from Facebook

Brendon Katon-Donegal as Andrew – he has humongous beautiful black cock with low hangers. He should be very proud of it.  I was really mesmerized by his cock and on top of it his ass is so nice and he has a 6  pack abs!

Brendon Katon-Donegal by TheaterRats

For twink lovers there’s as Matthew Menendez as Coriolanus and Vincent Cooper, for skinny smooth body lovers out there.  Imran Sheikh and Glenn Quentin rounds up the different flavors you would want to see naked onstage.  The difficulty was to see each one of them when there are so many cocks to look at on stage!

Hey guys,  support these wonderful show from Mr Pflaster. Isn’t this what we are craving for? Lots of nudity but at the same time a quality play.  ( I’m looking forward to future projects of Duncan Pflaster and hope his previous plays will have revivals as well)

You still have a chance to catch this play. Here are the remaining performance dates.

Tuesday 6/12/12 – 4:00pm = Performance #4
Wednesday 6/13/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #5
Sunday 6/17/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #6
Monday 6/18/12 – 4:30pm = Performance #7
Friday 6/22/12 – 9:30pm = Performance #8


Go get your tix here. https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/911596

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  1. I have to say I enjoyed myself a lot at this play. It helps to have a passing knowledge of Shakespeare’s comedies but it is not essential to enjoying the play. The cast deserves kudos for the daring material – they did not shy away from nudity, sexual language, or some simulated sex.

    The male nudity was refreshing considering the lack of nudity so far this year. The scene where Jimmy McCurl, Brendon Katon-Donegal, and Imran Sheikh were fully naked for several minutes might be one of my favorite scenes of all time. Can’t wait to see the Taint of Equality.

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