Two for two for Duncan Pflaster!

I really had a good time watching Duncan Pflaster’s TAINT OF EQUALITY or I WANT YOUR SEX, part of Planet Connections 2012 Theatre Festitivities.  The nudity is plentiful but never once have I felt it is gratuitous. (Kudos to Duncan who is also the director).  I think the reason for this is the gameness of the cast and the direction of Pflaster.  Not only does this play contain lots of nudity, but Pflaster as a playwright has something else to say. He is playing the devil’s advocate by bringing up the issue of LGBT trying to be equal with the straight people what with the marriage issue and all.  He brings up this question, “Why don’t we create our own system?  If straight people can create something so should we!“.   An interesting idea, indeed.

The play was very funny and the cast were all very good in their respective roles.  It showed that the cast really gave their full trust to the director and it made the audience feel comfortable watching everyone in the nude.   They really went all out and that includes the literal meaning. The actors that really showed excellent comedic skills and stood out were Joe Fanelli and Derrick Bryant Marshall.  They have subtle facial expressions as they deliver their lines that makes it funnier.  I don’t want to give out more details especially of the scenes toward the end because I don’t want to spoil your fun.  But the dance number is a MUST-SEE!  Pflaster really directed this scene excellently and is very hilarious!

There are 12 cast members so there is someone for everyone:

Alan McNaney  will be the fave of chub chasers. He is so much my type.  With his big pink suckable nipples and his fat uncut juicy cock, he is so yummy!

Alan McNaney from Facebook

For Latin lovers, you have Juan Carlos Diaz, Roberto Alexander and Mark Eugene Garcia.  Juan has uncut cock, and nice lean body, Roberto also has a fat uncut cock and thick pubes and Mark has a lean bod and cut cock.

Juan Carlos Diaz from Facebook

For lovers of other ethnicity, you have Rehmat Qadir, with his lanky and hairy body, Colin Godwin and Marvin Riggins Jr.  Marvin has a very impressive tool! I can’t take my eyes off his cock when he showed it! Beautiful!

For twink lovers, there’s Joe Fanelli who has an extended scene (very funny) where he showed his pink cut cock.  He also has a smooth and skinny bod.

For bear lovers, there’s Adam Santur who is literally a bear cub, very nice hairy chest and ass, bushy pubes, circumcised cock (he must be a grower) , Derrick Bryant Marshall and David Zimmerman.

For lovers of muscular studs, you have Shawn McLaughlin (nice big cock)  and Jonathan Rentler who also has an extended nude scene.  Nice body, nice big ass, cut cock ( a grower too).

So many men to watch so little time!

This play is a MUST!  I’d say this play should have an extension beyond the festival.  Go and catch this play.

The remaining shows are:

Wednesday 6/13/12 – 10:00pm = Performance #2
Saturday 6/16/12 – 10:00pm = Performance #3
Monday 6/18/12 – 7:30pm = Performance #4
Thursday 6/21/12 – 10:00pm = Performance #5
Saturday 6/23/12 – 9:00pm = Performance #6

I know the times are not too good, but I highly recommend for you guys to see this play!


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  1. I had a great time at this show.Very funny. Well-written, well-cast and (mostly) well-acted. Everyone gets naked. But as you said, it’s not gratuitous; it come from the script.

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