Ratlestick’s 3C

Cast by Joseph Marzullo

From our reader P:

“I just wanted to give you the heads up on a new off broadway play with Nudity. It is called 3C and it is playing at the Rattlestick Theatre.

It’s a variation on “Three’s Company”.

Jake Silbermann who played “Noah” on As the World Turns has a full frontal nude scene. About 10 minutes into the play, he pops thru the
kitchen door on the right front side of the stage. He is completely naked. It only
lasts a few seconds but you see everything. It happened so suddenly but he had a very nice size
cock and big balls. When he turned around you could see his cute little ass. He then puts on a
towel and wears that for awhile even disco dancing in it. He has been working out since ATWT
and his pecs looked great.

Also in the cast is Eddie Cahill from CSI:NY. He doesn’t take off any clothes but his ass looks
great in the tight 70’s clothes. He even has a brief scene rubbing up on Jake as they lye on
a couch.

The best place to see the nudity is front rows seats 5-8  Iwould say.”


  1. I already have a ticket and didn’t know there was nudity! i’m a big fan of the Rattlestick. Thanks for the incredibly detailed description. Jake Silbermann is so hot, I can’t wait!

  2. As always, such a great review, thank u so much! Btw, was Jake cut or uncut? It’s a random detail I know but I always like to know. Thanks in advance.

  3. He is cut. After he changes into a night gown you can see a VPL every so
    often as it clings to him.

    1. Thanks for that confirmation pf0723, u are a font of really good info. If only I was closer to NYC!

  4. Just a note for anyone who goes. As I wrote in my review, the scene happens very fast. The play starts with the two girls alone, then the “Mr Wicker” character comes in. Once they kick him out, start watching the kitchen door on the right side of the
    stage. Jake pops out soon after.

  5. I sat at A2 front row audience left side. It’s directly diagonally across the kitchen and it has a very good view of Jake as he comes out totally naked.

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