Rattlestick’s 3C

The current production of Rising Phoenix Repertory and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater of David Adjmi 3C is such a mess!  This is definitely a better TV episode but as a play it doesn’t have enough emotional arc for us to engage within 90 minutes.  It just lacks the emotional punch. But not to say there are no funny scenes here because I really laughed hard during the “faces” scene as well as towards the end when the character of Jake Silbermann (Brad) revealed his secret and everyone started laughing.

The cast are all top notch but I must say their talents are wasted in this play. I don’t know why they went all on board here. Kate Buddeke who was marvelous in BUG is in a thankless role as the owner of the building with anxiety issues, Eddie Cahill who looked very good in tight pants is also wasted here. He just did his cutie pie charming self all throughout the play. Anna Chlumsky acted very well but her character is not defined at all for us to care about her. Hannah Cabell as the other loveless  roommate fared better.  She was given more of the punchlines.

Jake Silbermann

But the saving grace of the play was not really Jake Silbermann‘s acting (he did okay) but his beautiful humongous cock,which have been mentioned by the other readers here (check the comments section).   It was long, thick and perfect, with lush pubes and tight balls.  He is definitely circumcised.  He can be in the TV Show HUNG! At first I thought he fluffed before coming out but in the succeeding scenes where he was in a night dress without underwear, you can see his visible penis line and it swung as he moved and you can still make out that it is that big! What a nice piece of meat! Delicious!  And his body is very lean, with nice bubble butt and love his perky nipples and armpit.  I can lick him from head to toe.  If you can get fast the flaws of the script, go and catch Jake!


Venue: Rattlestick Theatre, 224 Waverly Place, New York
Prices: $55.00
Performance Dates: June 6, 2012 – July 14, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: July 14, 2012
Box Office/Info: 212-279-4200


  1. What an interesting experiment this show was. In the early 1970’s the VietNam war was at it’s height, absurdist theatre was peaking and America was laughing at “Three’s Company” which in retrospect was obscenely sexist, homophobic and politically naive. Imagine an episode of “Three’s Company” co-authored by Eugene Ionesco and August Strindberg. “3C” at the Rattlestick Theater is a cringefest of Existentialist Nihilism and inappropriate behavior. The cast is brilliant, they work their asses off, but the audience is left stunned with their jaws hanging open.

  2. i totally agree with the comments that have come before. Jcarwall is right on in his description of the play – an episode of Three’s Company on Ritalin and not in a good way. But Jake Silbermann is so cute, charming and hot! A beautiful lean defined body with a beautiful perfect cut dick – quite large with an impressive set of balls, great looking bush and ass. If only he had stayed naked for the rest of the play!

  3. I saw 3C this afternoon. Jake Silbermann’s penis is enormous. Enormous. Because he makes his entrance about 10 minutes into the play, completely nude, one would have to believe he prepared (fluffed, at least a little) while he waited behind the door to enter. His penis had a certain firmness to it as it bounced around. He’s got a beautiful swimmer’s body too. And, he actually had pubic hair! I’m sure if he likes to trim or shave it off, he grew it back for this show because it takes place in 1978.

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