Jonathan Taylor

Excerpt from Linda Winer’s article in Newsday:

“If not for the full-frontal glimpse of the male clown (Jonathan Taylor) and the joke with the tampon by his “wife” (the extremely flexible Anne Goldmann), “Empire” might be offbeat family amusement for tolerant families.”

From our reader Jack:

“The ringmaster, Oscar, played by Jonathan Taylor appears fully naked at one point during a sketch where he and real-life wife pull a tunnel of fabric over each other and then when removed are in a new costume. The last time she does this to Jonathan–instead of a new costume, he is bare-assed naked. He runs around the stage a bit and then covers his genitals with his hand.  He’s got a decent body, nice smooth ass and average cock and balls.  He looked cut. ”


Opened May 31, 2012
Closes Sept. 2, 2012
 Spiegeltent in Times Square
265 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

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