I have first seen Sebastian Lacause in the 200 Broadway revival of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW in Circle in the Square. I remember it was one of the previews and the show had plenty of technical problems including one of the props getting stuck onstage and the most memorable was when Sebastian’s balls popped out of his skimpy swimsuit. He was very professional and continued his number without tucking in his balls but my eyes haven’t left that swinging ball all through that musical number!

Another shout out to David A for this video of Sebastian at Splash Bar NYC I believe shot 2010 when he reprised his number from Broadway Bares. He still bartends in Splash Bar occasionally. He can be seen in the web series HUSTLING.


  1. I had a crush on him since I first saw him in Chicago. He appeared totally nude in T Schreiber’s :Love Valour and Companssion a few years ago. I think he did fuill frontal too in a Florida production of Take Me Out.

  2. He sure did do a full frontal in Take Me Out in Florida–I saw it. Also in that production Haskell King was full frontal right alongside Sebastian. It was the first time I saw Haskell King and I have enjoyed his numerous nude appearances on the NY stage ever since!

    1. From a reliable souce, he works out at David Barton Gym in Chelsea. I’m sure you can catch him changing in the locker room…

      1. Time to join the gym! And may I just say how very, very much I enjoy your blog. I’m so happy you didn’t discontinue it a while back.

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