Okay, this might be off topic since it’s not really theater but a LIVING ART.  I learned about this through the NY Times article. This week (for five days), Julio Gaggia, a young Venezuelan photographer will be living in BoConcept furniture showroom in Chelsea — eating, sleeping, making art, entertaining,etc. And Gaggia is not bad looking ether. So if you are around the area, you might want to stop by and watch him.

Julio Gaggia

For the full article:

“Living Art; Chelsea Boy Apartment” continues through Monday at BoConcept, 144 West 18th Street, (888) 616-3620 or


  1. Revealing article. Hummmm, so his boyfriend is a plastic surgeon twice his age, and he is very annoyed that older people ask a couple questions before accepting an invitation to go away. I’d enjoy seeing him walk around naked, but that would be the extent of my interest….at least based on the TIMES article.

    1. Yeah, the article was very revealing. He definitely seems like one of those “I am young and beautiful and arty so I am perfection” kind of guys. I like how he acted like inquiring about a bathroom was unimportant to the grand scheme of the project and yet made sure they allowed him two hours a days to go the gym. Priorities I guess. Since this is open to the public and is basically a living ad, I guess he won’t be changing or showering in full view. Too bad…

  2. I passed by before and after watching Monster. No one was paying attention to what’s going on. Aroung 6 pm, Julio was not even inside the showcase room, he was in the store with staff people. Late at night around 10 pm. There were a lot of people partying with Julio.

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