First of all, thanks milutilu for making this blog more interactive.  I will try to be more participative :).  So here’s my first post….

For those in Chicago area, or nearby areas you can still catch RICHMOND JIM, part of Naked July Fest at National Pastime Theater and run June 29 to August 10.

From their press release:

As the play opens, a young man newly arrived in New York finds himself in the arms of Mike, an older man well-versed in the various pleasures of the body, and an erotic metamorphosis begins. The powerful slice-of-life drama offers “interesting statements about youth and innocence and how quickly both can disappear,” according to the San Francisco Crusader. Robert Chesley, who later went on to write the gay classic Jerker, called it “the first genuine gay play.”

 Richmond Jim stars PFP Ensemble Members Kris Hyland (as Jim) and Jamie Smith (as Biddy) with Chris Kossen as Mike.

 Richmond Jim plays on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight on June 29 and 30, July 6 and 7, and August 3 and 4. Performances at 8 pm are slated for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 10 – 12, Thursday, July 19, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 24 and 25, Wednesday and Thursday, August 7 and 8. There are also 6 pm performances on Sunday, July 15 and 22. The final performance is August 8. All tickets are $20.

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