I was so mad.  I went to see FUCT 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW at the PIT last Friday but I unfortunately lost my cell phone a day before the show.  I didn’t mind going to the show without a cell phone but little did I know that FUCT didn’t care if their audience members take pictures or vids of the show!  I was sitting on the third row and I actually got an eyeful!  I’m so upset I wasn’t able to capture it and post it.  Thanks to one of the audience member who emailed me one of her pics.

The two new cast members DEREK MIZE and ERIC EIKEY are very cute and totally my type and the good news is they also totally uninhibited.  Derek Mize showed almost full frontal at the end, he only had the tip of his cock covered by a tennis ball.  He is just a cute straight little bear. Love his big nips, bushy pubes and his cock and balls were all out for over 10 minutes at the end.  Eric Eikey is very muscular and showed his ass, balls, pubes, but not frontal, but he is very game especially during the daring game.  He licks Graham’s toes and insert it in his hole!

Graham Skipper who headlines RE-ANIMATOR the MUSICAL is back during this performance and he also showed almost full frontal, same as Derek.   He really has no problems with nudity.  In the linked vid below, not from the anniversary show, but from a previous show, he showed his balls.

Ian Siclair Lassiter and Tommy Galan only showed his mangina.  His brother Joe Galan did the same but in one of their skit where his diaper was removed, I got to see his hairy asshole!  The ever funny Janio Marrero’s balls came out of his skimpy undies when he tried to tumble in the early part of the show.

Here is the vid from their previous show where you can see Graham’s balls:

Here are the pics that one of the girls emailed me.  Not too good but hey beggars can’t be choosers.  Derek is the one with the tennis balls on his cock.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If there are members who were able to take some pics, please do share!

Some of their skits fell flat, but all in all I really enjoyed the show! It was worth it!


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