Naked Comedian

You must have heard of the comedian @d@m $@nk.  He has appeared on NBC’s “LAST COMIC STANDING” is also very well known in New York comedy circuit.  Early this year, he performed in Daniel Nardicio’s DIRTY LAUNDRY where all stand up comics were in the nude.  He is also a regular at the Gay Naturist International Annual Retreat, where he will again perform on August 19 in the Poconos.  Here is some of his nude pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone is welcome to post some nude pics of NYC Theater Celebs!


  1. Wow I have always found him to be really handsome. DId not know he did stand up nude & certainly had never seen parts of him standing up nude either! GREAT post! I can’t wait to hear some feedback about Adam if anybody gets a chance to see him perform.

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