Vintage Nudity: Haskell King

Two years ago gorgeous Haskell King, already a veteran of stage nudity, heated up the stage again with a now-classic nude scene in AFTERCLAP, and those who walked into that tiny theater and saw his delectable ass as he lay curled up on stage knew they were going to be in for a treat! What followed was one of the longer full-frontal scenes I’ve seen, with Haskell rolling over and giving an anatomy lesson–his anatomy, our lesson! It started with him pulling a condom slowly off his cock (cut, thick, hung, perfect), examining his nuts, then walking nude into the audience, and finishing with him taking a piss in front of everyone. A nude scene for the history books!ImageImageImage


  1. Wish there were photos of the front side! We’re lucky such a gorgeous guy is so uninhibited on stage…more power to him!!

  2. Such a handsome guy…with a really cute butt. Love the story of how bold he is as an actor. And also loved the story of what a big, cut dick he has too! Lol!

    Would love to see him in something someday. Another great post!

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