Douglas Carter Beane’s play is making its round, this time On Melrose in West Hollywood.

From the press release:

“The Little Dog Laughed”
An Adult Comedy of Manners by Douglas Carter Beane

August 17- Sept 16
Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 6pm

Starring Bernadette Birkett, Owen Martin, Trip Langley and Laine Jennings

After a successful run in North Hollywood, “Little Dog” makes it’s way to Hollywood at the Zephyr Theater.
“The Little Dog Laughed” is a sexy funny comedy with “a slight recurring case of homosexuality”.
A hot young Hollywood actor, Mitchell is up for the role of a lifetime, and his agent Diane will do anything in her power to keep him quietly in the closet, until Alex, a gay-for-pay hustler enters the scene, with a girlfriend and his own set of secrets…
Will Mitchell and Alex get their “Hollywood Ending?”

“WOW!- StagesceneLA.com
The Little Dog Laughed, Douglas Carter Beane’s hilarious, edgy Hollywood-New York showbiz satire, has arrived in North Hollywood with its cutting-edge love story between a gay movie star and a bisexual hustler and its much touted (albeit brief) display of full-frontal male nudity. Director Jon Cortez and cast are largely successful in entertaining, titillating, and maybe even coaxing a tear or two from audiences in search of comedy with a bite.”

Tickets are $30

This show contains adult situations, on-stage smoking, drinking and male nudity and, as such, is not recommended for children (leave them at home), sensitive prudish adults, or anyone under the age of 17


Trip Langley and Owen Martin

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