Jake Gyllenhaal Broadway debut

I know, I know Jake won’t be nude here in his Broadway début, but I would still want to see him up close and personal onstage…..

From the press release:


Fifteen-year-old Anna’s (Annie Funke) weight makes her a natural target for bullies. When her mom (Michelle Gomez) transfers Anna to the school where she teaches in order to protect her daughter, it only makes things worse. Anna’s environmentalist dad (Brían F. O’Byrne), determined to finish his new book and save the planet, is no help at all. Just as Anna gets suspended for retaliating with a head-butt, her estranged uncle Terry (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrives unannounced. A heartbroken drifter with the mouth of a sailor, Terry reaches out to Anna in a way that no one ever has. Their unexpected friendship sends her parents’ rocky marriage into a tailspin as the whole family wonders, what — or who — really needs saving?

Provocative, insightful and laced with fresh humor, IF THERE IS I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET is an entertaining look at a regular family stuck somewhere between knowing what the problem is… and doing something about.

Here he is showing his bubble butt from the movies LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS and JARHEADS:

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