Reader’s report: REDLIGHT at 2012 NYC Fringe Fest

From our reader Walt:

REDLIGHT has full frontal nudity, briefly at the end. One person show at a gay strip club. The actor Ryan Kipp plays all of the characters including the strippers and does go full Monty briefly at the end.

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  1. Ryan Kipp has a certain sex appeal. He’s no twink. He looks to be a man in his 40’s with a pretty good build, thicker around the middle than your average former stripper. The performance is a bit disjointed and at only 35 minutes it’s a really just a series of monologues that really never come together as a cohesive satisfying theatrical piece. Good news is that he’s a good actor, fully committed and the play is never boring. He strips completely and is nude for the last 30 seconds of the play in a moment of being emotionally and physically naked.

    About the nudity. Ryan’s undergarment throughout the play is a very tight-fitting spandex-type brief. When he pulls them down, we’re presented with a penis, balls, and pubic hair that has been baking and sweating for probably at least an hour. His red pubes were matted and his penis was compressed into his sweaty balls. As men, we all know that look. It wasn’t a real pretty sight. I loved that he got naked, but I think the director should have noticed the problem, addressed it and tried to find a moment where he could at least fluff things out. And, he didn’t turn around. It would have been nice to see his bare ass, since he was shaking it in those tight shorts the entire show.

    About his equipment: Very average. Cut, trim bright red pubes, nice set of balls.

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