Band of Brooders / Abstinence Only

This is a double bill.   ABSTINENCE ONLY is the one more likely to have possible male nudity.  

From the press release:

Abstinence Only questions the severe limitations on personal freedom in a country that claims to be free. An intruder has entered a NYC studio apartment where two psychology students were having a one-night stand, robbing them and binding them together naked. Their evening becomes a chaotic struggle as they fear the exposure of calling for help.

Venue: La MaMa First Floor Theatre, 74A East 4th Street, New York
Prices: $25.00
Students: $20.00
Seniors: $20.00
Performance Dates: August 29, 2012 – September 2, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: September 2, 2012
Box Office/Info: 212-868-4444

Cast: Burnie Du Rant Jr., Kristin Fireman, Eduardo Asunsolo, Eamon Speer, Shay Hannon, Nick Mahoney, Christian Caldwell

Here’s a picture from their workshop rehearsal.  Hope Nick Mahoney shows it!

There’s more on their website:


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