James Kautz

It was great to see The Amoralists’ THE PIED PIPERS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE again.

My thoughts:

(1) I enjoyed seeing Matthew Pilieci’s cock again. It’s a beautiful thick cut cock nice size and a nice tight shaved balls.  This time he showed his hairy hole as he bent over while he was drying himself.  Nice cherry!

(2)  It was very arousing to see James Kautz’ visible cock head in his skimpy gray briefs for the whole first act.  He constantly touched it and showed his pubes from time to time.

(3)  Derek Ahonen, the playwright, now playing Donovan was funnier.  He delivered his lines very well.  I didn’t find his character funny the first staging a few years back.  Derek brought the character alive.

(4) I found the third act more emotional this time. I think the first time I have seen it, I was still in shock seeing Matthew’s cock. This time around, I understood the poignancy of the final scene.

It is closing tomorrow, Sept. 2 so better catch it.  No one knows if they will bring back this play anytime soon.  Maybe your last chance to see Matthew’s hard cock and yummy asshole!

NUDITY RATING: Of course a perfect 5!


    1. If you sit on audience left you will have a longer view of Matthew’s cock . Audience right you can see his cherry.

  1. just saw the last performance of The Pied Pipers….absolutely awesome show and I would have loved it even without the nudity. Well, maybe not quite so much! I’ve seem Matthew Pilieci in other Amoralist shows and there was brief nudity from him in those but nothing like this. A beautiful muscled body that is on full display as he walks out wet and with a full erection. Big cut dick and big balls. He parades around for quite a while, even sitting down on the couch with his legs spread – his big semi hard dick laying across his thigh and his big ballsack on display. It was all done to make another character in the play uncomfortable but all it made me was horny! Some of the best onstage nudity ever! Hopefully they will keep reviving this play on a regular basis. And I haven’t even mentioned James Kautz who spends the first half of Act 1 in nothing but his bikini briefs, old and worn showing a very hot package.

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