Thomas Bradshaw’s JOB

I love Thomas Bradshaw’s not only because he is a provocateur but also most of his plays contain male nudity!   Just recently learned about this new play of him being presented by The Flea.  Who is in charge of the publicity? You better wake up! 

Anyways, here’s hoping for more sumptuous scenes from Bradshaw! It has warnings of strong language, violence and nudity!

From the press release:

In Job, Thomas Bradshaw takes on a sacred biblical text to explore issues of faith. How low will God go? Bradshaw calls his play an honest, un-cynical adaptation of the book of Job.
Venue: Flea, 41 White Street, New York
Prices: $20.00
Performance Dates: August 31, 2012 – October 7, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: October 7, 2012
Box Office/Info: 212-352-3101

The show’s website:


  1. Saw the final performance of the Pied Pipers yesterday afternoon. First of all, I’m still recovering from an angina attack after seeing Pilieci’s massive, delectable, throbbing, cock. Hmm Hmm, I could chomped on that for hours. Also a good play for an old toe queen like myself. Aside from that, I thought it was a pretty damn good play. I was especially impressed with Kautz’s and Lemp’s acting.

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