I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this one.

Rattlestick + Adam Rapp + Matthew Pilieci.

I have seen unforgettable male nudity onstage because of these people. I’m hoping for more….

Cast of THROUGH THE YELLOW HOUR by Tristan Fuge

From the press release:

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater Artistic Director David Van Asselt and Managing Director Brian Long have announced the cast and creative team for the world premiere of Through the Yellow Hour, a play written and directed by Adam Rapp (Pulitzer Prize finalist for Red Light Winter). The first production of the company’s 18th season, Through the Yellow Hour will begin performances on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at Rattlestick Theater (224 Waverly Place—off Seventh Avenue South, between Perry and West 11th Streets). The official opening night is set for Thursday, September 27th at 7pm. The production is scheduled to run through October 28th. Talkbacks with Adam Rapp will follow the performances on September 21, October 1, October 12, and October 22.

In Through the Yellow Hour, the United States has been attacked. Men are being castrated, women enumerated. Ellen has been in hiding for 52 days, subsisting on very little, hoping against hope for her husband to return. As the world around her falls further into senseless chaos, she takes an unlikely action, one that just might signal a new beginning.

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  1. Vladimir Versailles, who previously bared all in Thomas Bradshaw’s “Burning” last fall, again shares his beautiful black buff body with us. The play is one hour forty-five minutes long–no intermission. In the last five minutes of the play, Vladimir strips completely naked to take a bath with a female scene partner. He’s got nothing to be ashamed of either. It’s big and cut. He disrobes to the right of the bathtub, audience right. Be aware that this is a heavy, often tedious, evening of theater.

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