Thomas Bradshaw’s JOB

As per the press release,  Job, Thomas Bradshaw takes on a sacred biblical text to explore issues of faith. How low will God go?  This is an un-cynical adaptation of the book of Job.

Job is the most violent Thomas Bradshaw play I have seen so far. So be forewarned. Especially if you find a different bible version blasphemous.   If you know his plays it can be very violent. It is very graphic and for 60 minutes it held my breath and I loved it. Of course, the prolific Flea Theater Company consistently perform very well.  The whole cast and production team are very good as usual.

Jaspal Binning

Jaspal Binning who plays Joshua, one of Job’s son,  murdered and raped his sister Rachel. There was a scene where he spat on his hand and yanked his uncut cock with a very long foreskin. Jaspal is quite handsome.

Sean McIntyre

Sean McIntyre as Job had a scene where he was castrated. He showed his ass in that violent scene.

Grant Harrison

Grant Harrison who played Jesus did not go nude but he reminded me of a young Josh Lucas and if you look at his package inside his denims it looked like he has humongous balls!
Bradshaw’s play is not for everyone but he is not afraid to push the envelope. I love him for that!  He has balls!


Venue: Flea, 41 White Street, New York
Prices: $20.00
Performance Dates: August 31, 2012 – October 7, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: October 7, 2012
Box Office/Info: 212-352-3101

To buy tix:


  1. The shirtless guy holding Job’s arms in the scene where he gets castrated is ripped like crazy. This guy’s torso is so hot, he looks photoshopped. Saw this today… actually I think it is a 4, not a 5 rating. The two moments mentioned above are fast and hard to see anything. Good play, though.

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