Laura Rivera and David Skeist by Suzi Sadler

I was expecting another SLEEP NO MORE when I schlepped all the way to Brooklyn. I was excited to see what they can do with one whole floor as their stage.

However, I came back to Manhattan quite disappointed.

(1) The play does not need a large space. It would have been more effective in an intimate setting. Even with a cast of 9, and with more than a thousand square feet performance space, the stage felt very empty.

(2) The focus of the play is muddled. Is it about Hadrian as an emperor (which doesn’t have much of an emotional arc) or is it about his love to his slave Antinous?

(3) Unfortunately, the actors who played Hadrian (David Skeist) and his lover Antinous (Marcos Toledo) failed to elevate a very thin material.

(4) However, David Skeist did a full frontal at the end of Act I when he was posing for his sculpture.  He is quite tall, not muscular but not fat at all body.Some chest hair, unshaved pubes which is a welcome scene to me, his cock is cut, average size and plump balls, hairy ass.  At this point, the audience is gathered around David so everyone can see his naked body.


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