Alan Bowne’s Beirut gets a revival from Dream Out Loud Productions.  I have seen different stagings of this play. There is a scene that requires brief nudity from the male lead.  The nudity always depends on the director and actor, if they want to show more.  Here’s hoping these guys are more daring! Especially, the lead Esteban Benito is a hottie!

From the press release:

Beirut is set during a modern plague when people infected with a new virus are branded with the letter “P” for positive and quarantined in Lower Manhattan. Torch, a young man who is infected but asymptomatic, spends his days and nights in a rundown basement apartment, desperately seeking a way to make sense of his disease, maybe even to cure it. In between daily checks by a Lesion Patrol guard who enforces the quarantine, Torch dreams of his uninfected girlfriend Blue, and his pre-virus life. One night, Blue risks everything to visit him. Their electrifying reunion forces the would-be couple to face the reality of living in a new world order where a kiss or a touch could lead to their death.
Venue: Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Place, New York
Prices: $15.00 – $18.00
Performance Dates: September 13, 2012 – September 29, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: September 29, 2012
Box Office/Info: 1-800-838-3006

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