Vladimir Versailles by XI Magazine

I would like to add my two cents worth in Adam Rapp’s current play THROUGH THE YELLOW HOUR, presented by Rattlesticks Playwrights.  I think it’s a misfire from Rapp this time.  The technical aspects are excellent, creating the perfect atmosphere for the play set in the future in a wartorn NYC.  However, the play suffers from too much exposition.  It seems Rapp has created a very complex backdrop that he ended up explaining everything. This might present better on a film medium.

The only redeeming aspect for me is the nude scene of Vladimir Versailles.  This good looking actor doen’t seem to have any inhibitions in disrobing and I love it.  He has a lean body, big ass! and lovely long cut cock! Matthew Pilieci is so underused in this play.

THROUGH THE YELLOW HOUR has been extended til first week of November

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  1. I agree Milutilu, Through The Yellow Hour is not Adam Rapp’s most complete work but it is a very good production of the play – well directed, acted and designed and it does create a very credible war torn NYC. It feels incomplete somehow as if the end of the play is really the beginning. I wanted more. And I certainly wanted more Vladimir Versailles! I have nothing to add to your very apt physical description except I wanted him naked more! As Adam Rapp works very closely with The Amoralists I understood why Matthew Pilieci played that small part – Rapp uses them like a repertory company – large roles in some plays, small roles in others. But he certainly was covered up! I had to bring back the memory of the excellent nude and erect Matthew in The Pied Piper……..

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