Michael Aguirre and Amanda Berry

The Rising Sun Performance Company’s HOTEL SUITE– a site specific presentation of plays set and performed in a hotel room includes Tracy Lett’s BUG (which made Michael Shannon the talk of the theater world because of his excellent performance).  The hotel is Hostelling International New York in 103rd St. and Amsterdam Avenue ( 1 train via subway).  The hotel is quite nice, the lobby is clean, bustling with young people and the room location of the play, Room 128 is quite big.

I have seen the original twice and it remains chilling, a tribute to Lett’s excellent work.  This time the waitress Agnes is played by Amanda Berry and the war veteran Peter is played by Michael Aguirre.  They did a creditable job but not quite.  Their intensity is not high enough to match the play, as well as the Southern accent is on and off at times.  The technical aspects, given the limitation in a hotel room, is quite good, especially the lighting.  But the main downer is that only Berry had nudity. Aguirre shied away from baring it all in the final scene.  He didn’t remove his boxer briefs.  Too bad. He is lanky and has quite a smooth body, nice big nips and sexy armpits!  Wish I could have seen more…

My question is…if the company shied away from male nudity in BUG which is almost a given in Lett’s script, I doubt ROOM 128 will have one…. If anyone has any info on the other play, please share.


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  1. I saw the play and thought the male lead was very good. Sadly, he did shy away from full nudity the night I saw it.

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