Kohl Sudduth of RADIANCE

Kohl Sudduth

One of the most memorable nude scenes that I have seen in New York theater scene is that of TAKE ME OUT. And one of the actors I certainly won’t forget is Kohl Sudduth. His enormous low hangers has been etched in my mind forever. So I’m glad he is back in theater scene with Labyrinth Theater Company’s recent offering RADIANCE. He hasn’t done much stage work as he had been busy with his band and TV works.

With him in the cast is Kelly Aucoin who also had been nude before in Terrence McNally’s SOME MEN back in 2009.

Kelly Aucoin (the one on the right)

I doubt that this play has nudity but who knows? Nothing wrong in hoping.

Photo by Monique Carboni

From the press release:

In 1955, Captain Robert Lewis walks into a bar off Hollywood Boulevard, looking to escape his guilt, his shame — and a tenacious television producer from “This is Your Life.” What he finds instead is a mysterious woman, whose familiar face conjures visions of his dark past and a moment in time that irrevocably changed the world.

Inspired by true events, and laced with mystery and romance, Radiance delves into the emotional fallout of an unwitting hero forever caught in the cross-hairs of history. Running from Nov. 1- Dec. 2 at The Bank Theater.


For now, let’s look at Kohl’s impressive balls.

Kohl and his out of this world balls


  1. What a perfect picture of Kohl Sudduth! Never saw a close up of him from the show before. Take Me Out had the best male nudity of any show ever! Nice to be reminded.

  2. Lots of nudity in Dionysus in 69.  Austin TX last night.  It was a very fun & the audience was very involved.  Lots of fun with everyone in the performance nude several times in the performance.   Even a couple of audience members stripped down in the dance scene.  Lots of male lead nudity  – he is nude the over 50% of the time, sometimes with others but often by himself.  A must see.   Rude Mechs Dionysus in 69 Nov 6 at 7:30pm Preview, Nov 7 – 10 at 7:30pm, Nov 9 at 10:30pm $30 This performance is general admission. All seating is on wooden platforms on the floor or on raised wooden platforms accessed by wooden ladders. If you need special accommodation, please notify the box office 24 hours ahead of time by calling 212.924.0077. Rude Mechs is proud to rebirth Dionysus in 69, The Performance Group’s radical 1968 re-imagining of The Bacchae. The company remounts this piece as faithfully as possible to Richard Schechner’s original staging using Brian de Palma’s film and the 1970 book, Dionysus in 69, as primary sources. The Rude Mechs production is the first-ever remounting of this legendary work, and it finally returns to New York City 44 years after its premiere. The Performance Group’s Dionysus in 69 was the first of its kind environmental theater production performed at the Performing Garage, featuring an extraordinary combination of groundbreaking milestones including audience interaction and full-frontal nudity of both women and men. Nov 8 at 6:30 Come Early Conversation: The (Re)performance of Discussing “Dionysus in 69” with Richard Schechner (professor of Performance Studies at NYU Tisch), Madge Darlington (Co-Producing Artistic Directors of Rude Mechs) and Shawn Sides (Co-Producing Artistic Director of Rude Mechs) Nov 9 Stay Late Discussion:* Discussing Dionysus in 69, NOW with Elizabeth Zimmer (Writer and Dance Critic) in conversation with Richard Schechner (professor of Performance Studies at NYU Tisch) and Shawn Sides & Madge Darlington (Co-Producing Artistic Directors of Rude Mechs) *Stay Late event follows the 7:30 performance only

    This presentation is made possible, in part, by the Lambent Foundation. Further support for this project is given by the National Performance Network Performance Residency Program.


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