Vintage Nudity: Joel Johnstone

A year ago, cocky little stud Joel Johnstone pranced around the stage in BLOOD STROKES wearing nothing but a red lace jock strap for a quarter of the play’s running time. He proudly displayed himself, the shape of his cock thrusting through the thin red lace, and he spent ample time showing off his juicy man pussy. When he bent over to change into leather shorts, his fuckable ass went up in the air and so did a lot of cocks in the audience, I’ll wager. I just loved this honey’s cunny. (Not to mention his nice big suckable titties.) Apparently, he repeated his performance in L.A., and a friend said the stage light shone right through the sheer red lace jock, completely exposing Joel’s cut shaft, head up, in all its glory!

I also remember when Joel appeared in a play called RULES OF THE UNIVERSE a few years ago. It took place in a real men’s room, and Joel was a prostitute seducing a male professor. He peed in the urinal and at the end of the play took out his cock for a blowjob. The audience was huddled around him and I remember when hung Joel took out his male organ—he lifted in and lifted it out, and it was quick, but I could see how thick and hung this very compact actor is, plus what a big fat cut mushroom cap he had. Playing brash little pricks seems to be Joel’s forte—you just want to teach him a lesson with your dick! Glad to know Joel is still taking it out onstage after all these years!

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