Maybe there’s nudity in this one…

From the press release:

“Sexy, funny, intriguing and enticing, Want & Need is a modern day romantic comedy told through the bad boy eyes of lead character John. John is a charismatic guy who can effortlessly get any woman he wants but he doesn’t quite know how to keep the woman that he needs. Can John soften his rough wise guy ways to find the love of his life? John’s closest friends appear to be a happily married couple who only want happiness for their audacious and single friend. The women of the play are inexplicably drawn to John by his natural charm and then suddenly pushed away by him. Why? Is there a reason why they are not the right women or is John making excuses?”

Venue: Roy Arias Studios & Theatres, 300 West 43rd Street, New York
Prices: $18.00
Performance Dates: November 7, 2012 – November 17, 2012
Tickets On Sale Thru: November 17, 2012
Box Office/Info: 212-868-4444

Adam Pagdon and Rachel Barrer

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