My favorite improv group in FUCT NYC was at it again at the TANK theater.
I find it erotic to see these straight men do gay things to each other. I can tell they’re very secure with their masculinity. As a fan of the group, I  must say, in this show, most are re-runs of their previous gags.  However, I still find it very funny.  And especially to those who will go see them for the first time, you’ll find them hilarious!
My favorite was the “Flex Off Competition” where Derek Mize, Tommy Galan and Erik Eikey showed their holes! I’ve seen quote a few shows and this is the first time I saw Tommy show his hairy hole. Erik was just so phenomenal. He laid down on the floor,spread his legs then showed his pink pucker for everyone to see! I love his exhibitionistic tendency !

Derek Mize

The other one that I love was “The Cock Fight” . The goal was to drop the tennis balls from the tip of each others cock without using their hands. Eric and Derek was completely nude except the tennis balls at the tip of their dicks.  You can clearly see Derek’s and Eric’s jewels clearly.  Derek, who has gained quite a bit recently, has bushy pubes, low hangers and long circumcised cock.  Eric has a thicker cock, tight hairy balls and unshaved pubes as well.

Eric Eikey by Ron Shanjen

Janio Marrero did not go unnoticed. He flopped his uncut cock in one of the skits.

If you want to see a live version of JackAss, this is it.

Here’s the info about this show, which will be ongoing once a month at the Tank.

“FUCT is back! and this time we are getting wet, moist, dirty and nasty. Once a month for the next 8 months. Didn’t like the 12am shows, here you go, you’re welcome. For tickets go to http://fuct.brownpapertickets.com/

Next show: Saturday, Dec.14, 2012, 9:30pm (The Tank)
$10 General Admission, $20 Open Bar
$7 General in Advance, $15 Open Bar in Advance


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