Reader’s Report: MIES JULIE

Hilde Kronje and Bongile Mantsai

From our reader Thurston:

“Is there any male nudity in MIES JULIE? Not really. Bongile Mantsai (the actor who plays the servant John) spends some time shirtless, and there are a couple of scenes of not thoroughly convincing simulated sex in which he pulls his overalls down far enough that you can see the top half of his butt. So the show would have a nudity rating of 2.

(Note for those who care: Hilde Cronje, who plays Julie the young mistress, spends a iong scene topless.)

But the show is terrific theater. (Terrifying, too, and not for the squeamish.) I had presumed that the whole master-servant dynamic in Strindberg’s original was dated by now. But transpose it to 2012 rural South Africa and it is very credible. Very.

As long as you have the stomach for some intense emotional battles and one scene of gruesome stagecraft, I recommend MIES JULIE very highly.”

Mies Julie” continues extended through December 16th at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 29 Jay Street, Brooklyn;

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