Peter Saide

SKIN TIGHT currently playing on 59E59 Theater C is an enjoyable piece of theater.  It is lyrical and this 60 minute play has a good balance of ebb and flow.  The playwright Gary Henderson and the director NIck Flynt has created a perfect balance of emotions between two lovers saying goodbye.

Sarah Jane Casey and Peter Saide has a very good chemistry and they move very well which enhanced the production as well.  Peter Saide is a hunk. He is a leading man material.  Tall, nice hairy bod, hairy ass, low hanging balls and a nice size uncircumcised cock, plus a very bushy pubes.  His armpits which is on display for 60 minutes is just so lickable.  Both of them took off their clothes in dimly lit scene during the last 5 minutes of the play.


Here are some reports from our readers—

From nuthinbutnet:

“Yes, they both get naked. He is quite adorable, and gotta love their accents. The seating is L shaped. Most of the audience sat in the section closest to the door, but I would suggest sitting in the far side of the first section or the first seats in the 2nd section, either way closer to the corner of the L will give the best view over all.”

From Lucy:

“The 60 minute play is really tight and well choreographed. Both actors did get naked in the end nuthinbutnet8 gave the right position to see Peter naked corner of the L. Peter is packing a nice huge uncut one.”

SKIN TIGHT is running until Dec.1.

$25.00 (59E59 MEMBERS $17.50)
Tue, Wed & Thu 7:30,
Fri & Sat 8:30, Sun 3:30

Additional perf 11/24 at 2.30
No perf 11/22

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