Naked Holidays 2012


Just went to see End Times Productions’ “Naked Holidays 2012”. It’s a show they’ve been doing for 6 years, which is basically a revue of dark/humorous Christmas skits and songs. With lots and lots of nudity.

There are five guys who get naked, twinky (and gay) Jarrod Bates, little Mexican Jesse Gabriel, redheaded otter Dave Chura, douchebro muscle guy Chris Lazarro (very large penis), cute Kelly Riley (also very large). Big beefcake Leal Vona (center in the photo above) shows his ass a lot, but not the cock (though some of his costumes leave nothing to the imagination).

There is also draq queen Chris Johnston and a lot of naked women. Very open gratuitous nudity. Lots of dancing. Funny and entertaining. Price is a bit steep for an off-off-Broadway show.


  1. How can you not mention a couple of the most ridiculous pubic hair cuts ever? In addition tickets are on Goldstar for 1/2 price.

    1. Yes, they appeared cut to me.

      Also, for the best view I would recommend the first three rows. All seats give a good view of The Naked People play at the end but during the Weredeer skit, Kelly Riley is nude a couple of times. When he is walking at the front of the performance space, he is hard to see from the back few rows.

  2. Well the Slav saw this play last evening a bit late in the season. Well worth the Goldstar price of admission. The Slav first wants to let you gentle readers know that his wanderlust has led him to a small cooperative apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. All the male nudity on the New York stage is now more accessible. Still, however, live in DC most of the time. This play certainly satisfied my need for stage dick. It is also cleverly written- but, unfortunately, the acoustics are not that great in the venue and many of the one liners were missed. I was also not offended by the plethora of female pudendum because there was a sense of wholesomeness about it and no traces of homophobia. My favorite vignette was the “The Big Toy Chest” which I found amusing. All right, I would have sucked and rimmed any of the male actors my favorite was Kelly Riley- quite the looker and the old toe queen in me went wild over his bare feet in the Weredeer skit. That being said I am a sucker for red pubic hair (ginger boy scrotums have a distinct musky smell that drives me crazy) and am grateful for the redhead.

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