GOLDEN BOY on Broadway

Theater Review Golden Boy.JPEG-05429There is a brief glimpse of male genitalia in Golden Boy at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway. It comes toward the end of the second act. There’s a scene set in the locker room. One fighter complains when a woman walks in and she says something like, “If you’re modest close your eyes.” He’s fully clothed and the scene goes on. But way upstage on the back of stage left (audience right) another boxer strips to his jockstrap, then pulls that off and then wraps himself in a towel to go to the showers. It’s very brief and hardly noticed with everything else going on, but if you see it, you see it.


  1. I was front mezz and when he goes into the shower you can still see through the dirty/’steamy’ window. Friends in the orchestra couldnt even see him in his jock with the other people and sets on stage.

  2. I was sitting up the mezzanine as well and could see from there. Sit more toward stage left (audence right). It was too dark to tell if he trimmed his pubes or not.

    1. The whole scene is homoerotic not just that one gorgeous man who gets briefly naked. The other boxers are stunning. Agree that mezz is best.

  3. I seem to remember, on the old site, a pretty detailed review of Seth Numrich’s cock when he did frontal nudity in some play. “Slipping,” perhaps? But I can’t find the review anywhere? Can anyone remember it? Thanks!

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