DIP in the FUCT TANK Christmas Special

191103_504182406269808_1668364064_oI was a bit disappointed with FUCTNYC’s December show at The Tank last Friday night.  It was supposed to be their Christmas Special but I have seen better shows than this.  It seems when other FUCTNYC members have moved on, this group has beem out of sorts lately.  Too bad because thier two new members Derek Mize and Eric Eikey are an excellent addition and they are very willing to go all-out!  As an example of last Friday’s show, they habe this “Are you gay?” game where they try to outdo each other’s gayness to win the game.  Ian and Janio copped out early even though Eric was game to do more.  Only Derek and Janio have shown full frontal.  I was hoping I’ll get to see Eric’s cock and hole again.  Well, maybe next time…..Hoping for a more improved FUCTNYC next year.

For now, here’s the backsides of ERIC EIKEY, IAN LASSITER and DEREK MIZE as the Kardashian Sisters.

Kardashian eikey lassiter mze705299_10151110800946146_583204326_o

And here’s Derek unafraid to show everything…FUCT XMAS 12456888_10151129027801146_1895438335_o



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