Thomas Bradshaw’s JOB is extended!

seanmcintyre as job by hunter canningThomas Bradshaw’s JOB presented by Flea Theater company has been extended and will re-open from January 4-28.  Don’t miss this yet another graphic play from Bradshaw.

Note: JOB is not appropriate for children. It features acts of human and divine cruelty including strong language, violence, and nudity. Please refer to pur previous posting about this play.

TICKETS: $20 – $25 Call 212-352-3101


  1. Just wanted to comment here, since this is the most recent post, that there’s a report on DataLounge that Benjamin Walker is nude in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Doesn’t specify whether it’s frontal or rear. Somebody see it and report back on where to sit!

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