From the press release:

Chance encounters prove calculated when three students, a professor, and a stranger come together in this incendiary black comedy. Set in a college dormitory somewhere in the heart of America, this band of incongruous intellectuals with hidden scars embarks on a dangerous course to create order out of chaos. Their united moral compass will guide them to the edge of the cliff… and beyond. What happens when all the wrong people meet at exactly the right time?


Michael Cullen (Bus Stop, Bug, Cobb)

Craig ‘muMs’ Grant (HBO’s Oz)

James Kautz (Amoralists Ensemble Member)

Nick Lawson (Amoralists Ensemble Member)

Anna Stromberg (Amoralists Ensemble Member)

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  1. Sad to report there is no nudity in this play. It’s a painful exploration of the minds of people who shoot innocent people and the existence of God. I wish the Amoralists would restage Ghost in Cottonwood to bring James Kautz and Nick Lawson naked again (that’s a really bad Adam Rapp play but for nudity purposes its awesome).

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