Shia LaBeouf in ORPHANS

Shia-LeBeouf-as-Jason-BourneI was wrong.  I thought Shia LaBeouf is just one of those teen stars molded by Hollywood to be oart of their blockbuster movies such as TRANSFORMERS which I was never a fan of.  So I was pleasantly surprised when Shia showed everything in Sigur Ros’ (Haven’t heard of her until this) Fjögur píanó.  And now, he will be onstage to make his Broadway debut in ORPHANS opposite Alec Baldwin.

This production, which will begin performances on March 19 and open on April 7 2013 at the Schoenfeld Theatre (236 West 45th Street), will mark the first Broadway staging of the play. ORPHANS is about two orphaned brothers living in a decrepit North Philadelphia row house. Treat, the eldest, to be played by LaBeouf, supports his damaged younger sibling by petty thievery, and makes the house a virtual prison for the seemingly simple-minded Phillip. One night he kidnaps a rich older man, Harold (Baldwin), who turns out to have his own motives and becomes the father figure the boys have always yearned for.

And apparently he will do an unsimulated sex scene in Lars Von Tier’s NYMPHOMANIAC (Which I am so looking forward to).

Bravo Shia!

In the meantime here he is in the nude in Sigur Ros’ video:

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