Vintage Nudity: Shane Jacobsen

Shane Jacobsen is one of the great unsung skinners on the New York stage—maybe because the play he went nude in, DOUBLE VISION, was an obscure Fringe show from years ago. But I saw it and I will never forget his balls—namely how low they slung. He had the droopiest danglers I’ve ever seen. I worry for ol’ Shane when gravity comes a-callin’, because his sack doesn’t have far to go! But he has years for that! And his nude scene was one of those gratuitous ones where he stripped for no reason and stayed nude among the rest of the fully clothed cast for ten minutes, giving the audience ample time to revel in his sexy face, large cut cock, black patch of bush, nice big titties, an ass meant for plundering…and those balls!Shane JacobsenDouble_Vision_still_nakedDave&FrenchgirlDouble_Vision_still_Dave&MarkShane J 6Shane J 4Shane J 7Shane J 3


  1. Reading this reminds me of The Singing Forest at the Public back in 2009, where the handsome Louis Cancelmi dropped his towel in a sauna scene and (with his back to the audience) sat on a block. When he bent to sit, his big low hanging balls looked like they were going to be crushed, and you could feel most of the audience gasp, but he sat on the edge of the cube letting them dangle. Quite memorable!

  2. Oh man, I saw him in a play years ago where he didn’t get naked, and I spent most of the show hoping he would. He’s dreamy.

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