Photo by M De Sojo
Photo by M De Sojo

JOYCE THEATER is presenting FOCUS DANCE From Jan.8-13 and part of this is the acclaimed piece from John Jasperse which features extensive amount of male nudity.  There are only two performances for the show so try to catch it!

From the press release:

Jan 8-13
An exciting week-long celebration, now in its second season, FOCUS Dance is a partnership between Gotham Arts Exchange and The Joyce Theater that promotes American dance to the national and international community. 
Fri 8pm & Sat 2pm
Eiko & Koma
and John Jasperse
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 52 min (one intermission)
Please note: the John Jasperse program features full male nudity.
Company website:

Here’s an excerpt from Macaulay’s review from NYTimes (May 2012):

“The form of dance theater that the choreographer John Jasperse develops in “Fort Blossom revisited (2000/12)” is often astonishing. Watching Wednesday’s premiere, I was several times left with the sensation of having traveled to unknown terrain. 

“Fort Blossom revisited” features four performers who remain onstage more or less throughout, and it’s constructed according to binary principles. The two women are elegantly dressed in long-sleeved short red dresses, with subtly matching lipstick. The two men are, however, naked. For a long period the women are together on the left, the men on the right. The dualism that develops between their two different worlds is extraordinary.

Something else happens during all this: which is that our perception of and response to the body itself continually develops, alters, shifts. As these men part their legs, shift their pelvises, ripple their spines, there’s little we don’t know about their groins. And their bodies as a whole keep taking on new looks as we go on watching. 

Dance, the body, and erotics are topics about which “Fort Blossom revisited” keeps testing, investigating and analyzing, and often brilliantly. Leaving the theater we are no longer quite what we were when we arrived.”

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  1. Caught this night’s performance and let’s just say it is amazing. The choreography is beautiful, intense, and very, very intimate. As for the nudity? One full hour of two beautiful men dancing with no clothes on. What more could you ask for!

    A quick note about seating: the best view is on audience right, first couple of rows. (The men have a duo together towards the front of the stage there). If your tickets are in another section, don’t worry; after the other dance troupe finished, several people left during intermission so there were at least 10 open seats on the audience right. The house didn’t mind if people changed seats for the second performance.

    The two male dancers, Burr Johnson and Ben Asriel, give a great, brave performance (as do the clothed female dancers). The choreography is very twisty and bendy, so you wind up seeing everything!

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