Burr Johnson and Ben Asriel by Ian Douglas
Burr Johnson and Ben Asriel by Ian Douglas

John Jasperse’ Fort Blossom Revisited, part of Focus Dance at Joyce Theater  presented the audience how we feel we look at dancers in performance, “Do I feel different when the other is clothed or not?”.  In this performance a pair of clothed female and a pair of nude males were dancing separately at first, then altogether as one group towards the end.  It was very interesting to see how Jasperse showed us a movement both clothed and unclothed at the same time.  And the cross-overs of the choreography at the end among the four dancers were very well done.

Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas

The two male dancers who were naked for the entire show which is about 60 minutes were Ben Asriel (I featured him in previous posts before, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him perform onstage) and Burr Johnson.  Jasperse deliberately wanted to show the assholes of the male dancers to us and I’m not complaining!  This is the longest performance I can remember that I can see the holes of both Ben and Burr over and over.  Ben’s smooth pink hole was twitching at one point, Burr’s hairy hole is a site to behold! And his ass is amazing! His cock is thick, with nice low hangers and bushy pubes! Ben is more of a grower, he has a cut cock and tight hairy balls.

Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas

Towards the second half of the show, I was less and less looking at their nakedness.  I was appreciating the movement and I think that’s how Jasperse has succeeded.  That’s why this performance piece is well-reviewed by many.


What a very good start for 2013!

Burr Johnson
Burr Johnson

If you want to see more of Burr Johnson:


  1. I saw the show January 11. (If it weren’t for this website I wouldn’t have known about it). It was a truly amazing event. It does seem to be a practice, however, whenever a play or dance calls for nudity, to only use men who are under endowed so as to prevent their genitals from being too much of a distraction. It was interesting that neither touched themselves or their partner’s genitalia with their hands, but there were still these erotic moments when they ran their legs or arms along the butt crack of the other dancer. Their acrobatic moves were marvelous and were spellbinding. This was also the first time I had seen bows being taken at the end of a show without the benefit of donning a robe (except for Naked Boys Singing). Both men remained nude throughout the entire show making nudity look so natural and unremarkable. I hope there is more of this to come.

  2. Hoo211426, interesting you should think the men were under endowed. I saw the show also and thought Burr had quite a nice big penis, we never saw it hard so how can you tell if he is small or not. These men were picked for these parts for their dance ability not the size of their cocks, I’m sure they mention nothing of penis size in the casting call. The other thing I found odd that you said was they didn’t touch their genetalia or each others. Why would they? This was a dance piece not a porno. I found the dance quite thrilling and inspiring.

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