From the press release:

The long-running, sexually charged 1974 Off-Broadway revue Let My People Come will return to New York in an updated version at The Underground located at 955 West End Ave., at 107th Street and Broadway.

It will begin previews Feb. 7, 2013, at  It will play Friday nights at 8 and 10 PM. An official opening is on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2013.

Let My People Come, according to Forslund, the producer who is also directing the updated version of the show, is re-envisioned as an interactive production. The play will reflect updates and rewrites to cover topics including gay marriage and equality. Audiences will have the opportunity to purchase special tickets that encourage or discourage the cast from interacting with them.

Let My People Come is one of the highest-grossing and most-attended Off-Broadway musicals to be produced worldwide. It enjoyed a successful Off-Broadway run in the 1970’s, but a Broadway transfer proved ill-fated. Prior toSpider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’s 182-show preview period, Let My People Come held the record for the longest amount of Broadway previews, at 128 performances.

The cast for the 2013 revival will include James Hansen, Diego Rios, Daniel Stevens, Molly McGivern, Haley Selmon, Amina Camille, Brian Craft, John Ryan Del Bosque, Gavin Rohrer, Mariel Blatt, Christie DaBreau and Susanna Merrick. 

Tickets begin at $39.99. Phone (866) 811-4111. http://www.lmpcparty.com/



  1. A friend saw it and told me that “it is just a bunch of people running around in underwear and not that entertaining”.

  2. Let’s hope there is at least some nudity on stage (and not like an exposed boob or something). What would be the point of reviving a musical known for its nudity if they removed most of the nudity? Are we really more prudish than we were in the 70s?

  3. According to a review on TheaterMania, there is no nudity at all. What a waste (and honestly false advertising – several of the pre-show articles said there was nudity. One even quotes the producer as saying the nudity was communal, like in Hair).

  4. We saw it during previews and they explained to the audience that nudity was NOT allowed due to liquor law restrictions. They serve liquor IN the theatre, and therefore, no nudity. That said, it’s a bit long, but frankly, I found it much more entertaining musically and content-wise than Naked Boys Singing, which has the nudity. There’s some wonderful vocals from the women especially and it was not a complete waste of a night when hoping to see nudity. I hope they make some much needed cuts in the show so it doesn’t drag, but I do hope audiences will go, as there’s some moving music and some nice performances from a cast that is having a hell of a lot of fun.

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