There is NO NUDITY in Really, Really, despite the audition notice saying the male lead & a supporting character should be comfortable with nudity and despite last year’s DC production warning of nudity. Matt Lauria & David Hull sure look great with their shirts off & Lauria does simulate sex with the female lead in a dimly lit scene WITH HIS JEANS ON (this occurs in the last two minutes of the play on the far right hand side of the stage). It’s still early in previews & things may change, but don’t hold your breath.

Matt Lauria
Matt Lauria


  1. Wow, that is disappointing. I wonder if the nudity would have been left in had the two leads been no-name stage actors instead of semi-famous TV actors. Producers and directors seem to be getting a little skittish with nudity lately (like the production of Bug last fall where the actor left on his shorts. They didn’t even do that in the film version).

  2. I was in the second row center and Matt Lauria does pull his jeans down during the scene and if your view is good
    you can see some side butt. I agree he and especially David Hull look great shirtless.

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