Out of State Nudity: BIKE AMERICA in Georgia

poster_bike-americaFrom the press release:

Penny’s boyfriend exclaims, “Oh God, you’re so emotionally distant. I have to have you!” She is damaged. She doesn’t know who she is or her place in the world. So she drops everything to go on a cross-country bike trip from Boston to Santa Barbara. Along the way, Penny meets a colorful crew of bikers, from the lesbian couple (they’ve decided to get a marriage license in every state they hit) to the mysterious Man with the Van (he transports their stuff). As the bikers travel through iconic towns across the country from the far North to the Deep South, Bike America captures the restlessness of a millennial generation that will go to any lengths to find a place that always seems just out of reach.

Contains brief nudity and strong language.

 P.S. The character Ryan is rumored to have a nude scene.

Opened Feb 1, 2013
Closes Feb 24, 2013 Playing at
Alliance Theatre Company–Hertz Stage


  1. Hey guys… saw this yesterday. Great play, and very clever production. As for the nudity…

    The nudity was super short. Tom White (Ryan), skinny, dark-haired pretty-boy, and the lead girl talk about doing a “naked mile” bike ride at night. They get naked in total darkness while they talk. And then as they are “riding” their bikes (still in total darkness), a “truck’s” headlights sweep across the stage to expose them full frontal for a fraction of a second. Its done for comedy more than gratuity. Great play, though. I recommend it!

    Rating: A fraction of a sec – 4

    (I’m in Atlanta for a bit, so I will report on Equus in March.)

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