Out of State Nudity: EQUUS in Philly

5788149_origFrom the press release:

by Peter Shaffer

A young stable boy has blinded six horses, and no one knows why. The presiding judge commits him to the care of world-weary child psychologist, Martin Dysart. What follows is a tumultuous journey into the human psyche that will forever change both doctor and patient.

On the Curio Main Stage from January 23 – February 16, 2013

*This play contains nudity and profanity, it is not suitable for children.

Eric Scotolati
Eric Scotolati as Alan Strang by Curio Theater Co.

4740 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143
Phone (215) 525-1350
Email company@curiotheatre.org
Website http://www.curiotheatre.org

eric scotolati 299008_10100332395733398_665407856_n
Eric Scotolati as Alan Strang by Curio Theater Co.


  1. Saw this in Philly Sat. First time to see Equus in the Round. Has the usual end of second act male nudity, with a good looking guy with average junk. It’s best to sit on the section furthest from the entrance.

    Next known Equus is at Florida Atlantic Univ. in Boca Raton Feb. 15 – Mar. 18.

    Naked Boys Singing is in Indianapolis now thru Mar. 2.

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