121207_MCC_RR-MCCShowHomev01MCC Theater’s production of Paul Downs Colaizzo’s REALLY, REALLY is very well executed. Kudos to the team especially to Director David Cromer.

It was an enjoyable evening at the theater. Funny characters, funny lines abound but the loopholes in Collazo’s script is the reason why this play is not exceptional.

Spoiler alert…
I can’t fathom why almost all characters believed Grace (played by Lauren Culpepper) hook line and sinker without questioning the validity of her rape accusations.

Matt Lauria’s Davis character, who is loved by everyone including Grace is so spineless that I find it hard to believe why he was so famous and admired in campus. Also, his parents who are supposed to be very wealthy was not involved at all. The events leading to the finale feels so contrived that it diminished the impact of the play.

Matt Lauria from Parenthood
Matt Lauria from Parenthood

And I am very happy to report that Matt Lauria showed his 0% body fat bod! What a nice toso, nice nipples and exceptional abs! And at the end, he showed his steel buns as he humps Culpepper! What a lovely ass!

To get a good view of Lauria’s amazing ass, you should sit on audience left and center closer to the stage as possible.

David Hull
David Hull

David Hull also showed his buff bod and is shirtless for most of the first act. Nice pecs, lickable nips. And depending on how low he powders his balls in the first act, maybe he will show some pubes like what he did on the night I saw the show.



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